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*Pimlico Academy uniform is now available from White Hall Clothiers Camberwell*

White Hall Clothiers have been supplying school uniforms since the turn of the last century. In the 1930’s–1950’s the company had shops in Exeter, Battersea, Chingford, Penge, Upton Park, Bermondsey and Camberwell.

Over the past 40 years our Camberwell branch (www.whitehallclothiers.com) has become a dedicated school outfitter to the London Borough of Southwark, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Westminster. Our Branch in Lewisham at 244a High Street, Lewisham (www.whitehallclothiers.co.uk) serves North Kent and the London Borough of Lewisham, Greenwich, and Bromley.

All Our uniforms are available from stock all year round. Top quality schoolwear at reasonable prices, established school wear brands, Trutex, Banner, Beau brummel, David Luke, Distinctive Clothing, Stag, Gymphlex, Pro Star, John Hall, William Turner and many others.

Our Current Management Team has been in place since 1971, Our Experienced, Knowledgeable friendly staff offering sensible advice to customers, plus the all-important one to one service that is fast disappearing in the shopping centres and the high street.

Hope to see you soon.

Will & The Team

PS: Check out our "Shopping The Easy Way" Page on the website.

So to summarise our Introduction:

  • Established School Uniform Supplier
  • All Year round stock service
  • Good Quality reliable tested schoolwear brands
  • Sensible pricing, value for money
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • One–to–one Service

School wear Shopping ''The Easy Way''

This is a brief advice guide for parents and students who plan to visit White Hall Clothiers Camberwell this Summer 2018. All school wear shops are busy during July, August and September, we like to advise our customers of shopping patterns and ways to shop at White Hall Clothiers Camberwell.

Firstly we advise that all new Year 7 pupils visit our shop for a size fitting, this is important, many parents attempt to purchase their childs complete school uniform with out bringing their child to the shop for fitting, this often takes longer to serve and accommodate than an actual fitting which takes 15-20 minutes

The Quietest time in our Camberwell Shop is in the Mornings 9.30am to 12.00 Noon, lunch times and afternoons especially at the weekends are much busier. When planning your visit try not to shop in large groups. Many customers visit the shop in groups of 5-10 people and often with a pram or bike, although we have a fairly large shop the extra people cause ‘’traffic problems’’ in the shop during August and September.

Alternatively you can have the ''The Early Fitting'', we advise parents to fit their child's uniform early. Come along to our shop between June 23rd - August 7th 2018. Your child will try on all your requirements. We will list your child's sizes and prices for you - then when you return to the shop at a later date with your requirements list there will be little or no delay during the busy ''back to school'' period.

So you have shopped early taken away your Childs uniform home via cash, Debit or Credit card payment etc and just before school starts your child has grown or you have decided to emigrate to Australia – Don’t worry all you have to do is return your purchase to our shop with the original label and packaging and with your receipt and we shall exchange sizes or make a full refund.

So a brief re-cap: - Visit our Shop for fitting in June, July or Early August in a Small group allow 20 minutes for fitting, our early fitting system or indeed preferred credit or debit card or cash.

Any purchases can be returned for exchange of sizes or refund as long as garment have original labels and packaging in place with your original shop receipt. Back to school refund can be made until October 10 thereafter 30 days after purchase. Good Luck and hope to see you soon.

Uniform/Sportswear Price Lists by Camberwell Branch only

  • Your Bacon's College pricelist coming soon!
  • For your Charter School East Dulwich pricelist please click here
  • For your Charter School (North) pricelist please click here
  • Your City Of London Academy pricelist coming soon!
  • Sorry, we no longer sell Durand Academy uniform
  • Your Globe Academy pricelist coming soon!
  • For your Harris Academy Bermondsey pricelist please click here
  • For your Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich pricelist please click here
  • Your Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich pricelist please click here
  • For your Kingsdale pricelist please click here
  • For your Lilian Baylis Technology School pricelist please click here
  • For your Notre Dame Girls School pricelist please click here
  • For your Pimlico Academy pricelist please click here
  • For your Sacred Heart School pricelist please click here
  • Your St Anthony's Catholic Primary School pricelist coming soon
  • For your Saint Gabriel's College pricelist please click here
  • For your St Michaels R/C School pricelist please click here
  • For your St Saviours and St Olaves Girls School pricelist please click here
  • For your St Thomas Apostle R/C College pricelist please click here
  • For your University Academy of Engineering South Bank pricelist please click here
  • For your Westminster City Boys School pricelist please click here

Camberwell Branch

  • Tel: 0207 703 3604
  • Opening Times:
    Monday to Saturday: 9.15am to 5.30pm
  • Closed Sundays (except Sunday 2nd September 2018 11:00am to 4.00pm)
  • Open Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 2018
    10.00am to 5.00pm

Academies, Colleges, Schools by Camberwell Branch Only

77 Camberwell Road
London, SE5 0EZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7703 3604
Email: will@whitehallclothiers.co.uk
Monday to Saturday 9.15am to 5.30pm
School Telephone Website
Bacons College (Southwark) 020 7237 1928 www.baconsctc.co.uk
The Charter School East Dulwich 020 3873 2290 www.chartereastdulwich.org.uk
The Charter School (North) 020 7346 6600 www.charter.southwark.sch.uk
City Of London Academy (Southwark) 020 7394 5100 www.cityacademy.co.uk
Globe Academy 020 7407 6877 www.globeacademy.org
Harris Academy Bermondsey 020 7237 9316 www.harrisbermondsey.org.uk
Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich (Southwark) 020 8405 5200 www.harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich (Southwark) 020 7732 2276 www.hgaed.org.uk
Kingsdale School (Southwark) 020 8670 7575 www.kingsdalefoundationschool.org.uk
Lilian Baylis Technology School (Lambeth) 020 7091 9500 www.lilianbaylis.com
Notre Dame Girls School (Southwark) 020 7261 1121 www.notredame.southwark.sch.uk
Pimlico Academy 020 7828 0881 www.pimlicoacademy.org
Sacred Heart School (Southwark) 020 7274 6844 www.sacredheart.southwark.sch.uk
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School 020 8693 6852 www.stanthonysprimary.co.uk
Saint Gabriel's College 020 7793 3901 www.saintgabrielscollege.org
St Michaels R/C School (Southwark) 020 7237 6432 www.stmichaelscollege.org.uk
St Saviours and St Olaves Girls School (Southwark) 020 7407 1843 www.ssso.southwark.sch.uk
St Thomas the Apostle R/C College (Southwark) 020 7639 0106 www.stac.southwark.sch.uk
University Academy of Engineering South Bank 020 7277 3000 www.uaesouthbank.org.uk
Westminster City Boys School (Westminster) 020 7641 8760 www.wcsch.com

Academies, Colleges, Schools by Lewisham Branch Only


LEWISHAM BRANCH Store Opening Hours
244a Lewisham High Street
London, SE13 6JU
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 8852 8967
Fax: 020 8297 1688
Email: sales.lewisham@whitehallclothiers.co.uk
Monday to Saturday 9:15am - 5:30pm
Sunday 11:00 am- 4:00pm
School Telephone Website
Addey & Stanhope School 020 8305 6100 www.as.lewisham.sch.uk
Blackheath High School 020 8853 2929 www.blackheathhighschool.gdst.net
Bonus Pastor School 020 8695 2100 www.bonuspastor.co.uk
Charlton Park Academy 020 8249 6844 www.charltonparkacademy.com
Conisborough College 020 8461 9600 www.conisboroughcollege.co.uk
Deptford Green 020 8691 3236 www.deptfordgreen.lewisham.sch.uk
Drumbeat 020 8698 9738 www.drumbeatasd.org
Forest Hill School 020 8699 9343 www.foresthillschool.co.uk
Haberdasher Askes' Federation 020 7652 9500 www.haaf.org.uk
Holbeach Primary School 020 8690 4713 www.holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk
Invicta Primary 020 8858 3831 www.invictaprimaryschool.org.uk
John Roan School 020 8516 7555 www.thejohnroan.greenwich.sch.uk
Pointers School 020 8293 1331 www.pointers-school.co.uk
Prendergast Hillyfields College 020 8690 3710 www.prendergast-school.com
Prendergast Ladywell Fields College 020 8690 1114 www.prendergast-ladywell.com
Prendergast Vale College 020 8297 3540 www.prendergastvale.com
Riverston School 020 8318 4327 www.riverstonschool.co.uk
Sedgehill School 020 8698 8911 www.sedgehill-lewisham.co.uk
St Alfege with St Peters Primary 020 8858 3613 www.stalfegeschool.org.uk
St Catherine's Catholic School 013 2255 6333 www.stccg.co.uk
St Matthew Academy 020 8853 6250 www.stmatthewacademy.co.uk
St Saviours R.C. Primary School 020 8852 4283 www.stsaviours.lewisham.sch.uk
St Ursulas Convent 020 8858 4613 www.stursulas.com
Thomas Tallis School 020 8856 0115 www.thomastallisschool.com

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White Hall Clothiers
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Open Monday to Saturday 9.15am to 5.30pm

Telephone: 020 7703 3604

Email: will@whitehallclothiers.co.uk

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